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What if you could cut straight to the chase and close more deals, faster? You can. By leveraging the principles of neuromarketing and our award-winning creative teams, MediaSauce can help you deliver impactful messages that make legitimate, emotional connections with your audience. Through the unique SalesBrain process, we'll discover the location and language of your customers' internal "buy button" and how to press it most effectively.

Neuromarketing is not just another industry buzz word.
Advanced science tells us how people REALLY make decisions.

Neuromarketing is the science of measuring and analyzing the physiological
response to marketing messaging in the brain.

The practice began when some of the largest consumer brands in the world
wanted to understand the reasons why their customers made purchasing
decisions. By using a Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) scanner
- basically a highly accurate brain scanner - marketers for the first time were
able to understand what parts of the brain were responding to messaging,
and could see feedback that was free from bias or miscommunication.

For most organizations the prospect renting highly expensive brain scanners
is impractical and unimaginable. Applied Neuromarketing, while deeply rooted
in the science and observations made with an fMRI, requires no brain scanner,
but is instead a scientifically proven methodology to allow you to to start convincing
and converting your customers at the decision making core of the Reptilian Brain.

What is the Reptilian Brain Brain and why is it important to YOU? In addition to the Right Brain and Left Brain, the brain is categorized in 3 separate parts which act as separate organs with different cellular structures and different functions. Research in neuro-sciences demonstrates that although the 3 brains communicate with each other, each one has a specialized function:

Also known as the neocortex this is the newest part of the brain and it is built to process facts, figures, logic and data. This brain is uniquely human and is by far the biologically newest part of the brain. Right now you're using this brain to process and understand concept of neuromarketing as portrayed in text. This part of the brain makes its deductions and shares them with other parts of the brain.

This is where we feel and process emotions and gut feelings. As the second newest part of our brain, it shares its observations with the other parts of the brain.

This is the oldest part of our brain and it operates on a fully subconscious level. It is what triggers us to jump when we see a stick because subconsciously we thought it could have been a snake. It operates purely as an implement to help us survive. Science has also proven that the Old Brain is the core decision making center of the brain, and decisions are driven through the old brains' perception of a message.

So now we know that the Reptilian Brain is the decision making center of the brain - and that the new and middle brain only rationalize the Reptilian Brain's decision. Logically, It makes sense that if we cut out all the extras and learn to communicate in the language of the Reptilian Brain we can most effectively drive buying decisions.

The problem is we know the new brain is pretty dumb. It only cares about survival - flight, fight, fear, and reproduction. Knowing it's motivations, there are only 6 stimuli that the old brain responds to. If we present our messaging in the context of this knowledge we can most effectively appeal to the Reptilian brain, and consequently drive a buying decision.

- The Reptilian Brain is Self-Centered
- The Reptilian Brain Seeks Contrast
- The Reptilian Brain Responds to Tangible Input
- The Reptilian Brain Remembers Beginning and End
- The Reptilian Brain is Visual
- The Reptilian Brain Responds to Emotion

MediaSauce is born out of passion for helping organizations that want to accomplish big things in a short period of time.

We are the only group that applies a combination of Strategy, Storytelling, Technology and Creativity in every project we tackle. Great ideas fail in execution when one or two of these elements dominate a groupsí perspective. Giving each equal consideration, we generate fresh ideas that convey and deliver the right messaging and captivating visuals, at the right time.

By matching this fresh approach to solving problems with a thirst for innnovation and experience that arms us to achieve, you will find the fresh results your operation deserves.



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